Proven engineers for today’s cyber problems

Penten has assembled a proven, experienced and security cleared team of cyber engineering professionals. Penten combines a depth of experience in development, integration and operation across hardware, software and systems in real world cyber defence environments, meeting today’s hardest cyber problems.

Who needs our help?

Today’s cyber threat landscape is becoming more demanding on defenders. According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre:

“Australia continues to be a target of persistent and sophisticated cyber espionage.”

“Cybercrime remains a pervasive threat to Australia‚Äôs national interests and prosperity.”

“Cyberspace will continue to present a target rich environment. With intent and investment, terrorist groups could potentially develop more sophisticated cyber capabilities.”

Penten engineers are security cleared and experienced in supporting Defence and Government solve tomorrow’s cyber problems. Penten engineering services include Cyber Security Operations services, Secure Mobility services and Custom Development and Engineering services. Let the Penten team support your cyber engineering project.

Cyber security operations services

Penten Cyber Operations Services capability is built out of decades of experience in designing, integrating and operating computer network defence capability for government and business organisations.

Cyber deception

With world class expertise in Cyber Deception, Penten can help you design, build and operate a Cyber Deception capability that integrates with your existing cyber defence systems and processes.

SOC engineering

Penten engineers have decades of experience in building and operating some of the largest and most complex Cyber Security Operations Centres in Australia. Automating and simplifying the application of core tools to support the workflow through systems integration, custom development and UI/UX enhancement are key to what we do.

Incident response

Penten can also provide analysts to support your incident response capability. Penten also provides a range of specialist analyst services including: Big event data storage management and analysis;
Network traffic capture analysis; and Insider threat detection.

Secure mobility services

Members of the Penten team have a proven and award winning track record in designing and building secure remote access solutions for highest sensitivity networks of military and government in Australia, the UK and the US.

Remote access infrastructure

The Penten team have had decades of experience to refine remote access gateway infrastructures to meet the changing threat profile and approval for use targets. Put this experienced team behind your next remote access infrastructure build.

Obfuscation & anonymisation

The secure solutions offered by Penten employ the latest techniques to obsfucate communications over public and private networks, whilst maintaining flexible and resilient routing connections. This approach provides the platform for creative and discreet solutions to meet a variety of mission profiles.

Multi-Layer secure solutions

Using custom code, virtualisation, unique key mechanisms and separation from hardware. Penten delivers true multi-layer security solutions to meet accreditation requirements. With a complete knowledge of systems, the technology solutions which underpin the modular architecture enable assured, separated and unique capabilities.

Custom development and engineering

Building on internal research and development capabilities, Penten offers a range of custom development services focused on delivering specialist capability to customers needing specialist outcomes.

Sovereign capabilities

Penten can work with you to integrate the latest technology developed in Australia or overseas to provide a sovereign capability that meets your specific requirements. Penten will help you achieve your goal where you are endeavouring to leverage technology for mission success, whilst retaining absolute and exclusive ownership of a capability.

Miniaturisation and adaptation

Penten maintains a complete in-house prototyping capability, when combined with the skills of our team can lead to exaptive product features. The team is experienced in meeting customers miniaturisation and adaptation needs in security environments.

COTS platform solutions

Building on existing technology investments or leveraging commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms, Penten have the skills to develop secure capability on readily available hardware. Penten COTS-based capability solutions achieve unprecedented low size, weight and power characteristics.

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