Raise their costs with cyber simulation

Cyber simulation helps tip the balance in favour of the defender by raising the costs and early detection of Advanced Threats. With Penten, you can protect your most sensitive information from theft and misuse by detecting, shaping and delaying a threat actor.

Who needs our help?

We are losing the battle for protecting networks and data. Reports of data theft are growing and many well-known brands have been victims. In today’s climate it is not about if you will be attacked, but when. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, financial institution or government agency – if you carry financial or customer records you are already a target.

Traditional solutions have promised protection for decades, but failed to deliver. They also don’t let you understand what the attacker is after in your network and find out about their tools and techniques.

While not a panacea, cyber deception helps tip the balance in favour of the defender by:

  • not creating endless alerts that swamp your security team;
  • raising the costs to the attacker by making them decide if each computer and document is real or having to completely re-engineer their attack tools; and
  • helping to detect and track intruders and malicious insiders.

See what everyone is talking about. Contact Penten today about how a scalable set of deception options can be implemented in your environment in a safe and cost effective manner.

Finding advanced threats

Cyber deception is about employing tricks and traps to delay and confuse attackers and disrupt automated malware. Examples of traps can include fake documents, computers, databases, websites, and credentials.

Real data and computers are constantly changing, accessed and moving throughout your network, including on to people’s phones and third party cloud systems. Identifying data thieves is nearly impossible because of this activity. Alternatively, fake items have no real value, their only interaction with users and other parts of your network is planned and scripted. This means any new interaction with them is suspicious and easy to identify. It also means that they only produce very small numbers of high value alerts with few false positives.

Cyber deception can also help you understand who is attacking you and track those employees and contractors that are snooping in your data.

While cyber deception has been employed to detect intruders since the 1980s, cyber deception has always been expensive and difficult to employ. But new advances in machine learning have opened the potential for cost effective solutions. By 2018, Gartner predicts that ten percent of enterprises will use deception tools.

Solutions & services


trapdocs is a true zero- day and insider detection solution to identify the theft and unauthorised access of your digital property. trapdocs uses advanced cyber deception to lure, deceive and trap both people and malicious software with Honeyfiles.

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Talk to Penten about our Wireless Artificial Intelligence Decoy (WAID) solution designed to support deployable wireless environments using deception.ai. Know who is seeking to access your deployed wireless infrastructure and the tools they are using, shape, delay and defeat their actions.

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Cyber Deception Services

With world class expertise in Cyber Deception, Penten can help you design, build and operate a Cyber Deception capability that integrates with your existing cyber defence systems and processes.

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