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Canberra cyber security firm wins $1.3 million innovation contract to deliver AltoCrypt Stik.

Canberra based cyber security company, Penten is changing the way governments access and store classified information, enabling mobility and facilitating the move away from paper to electronic distribution and storage.

Small businesses are set to grow on the back of reforms to Government technology procurement.

Commonwealth IT contracts have been capped at a maximum value of $100 million and/or three years’ duration, to allow smaller players to bid for smaller components of larger projects.

UK and Australian cyber security SMEs collaborate to launch the next generation of solutions enabling mobile access to government networks.

Cyber security SMEs Amiosec based in Gloucestershire, UK and Penten based in Canberra, Australia today announced the launch of AltoCrypt Stik – an all-in-one, deployable High Grade solution enabling secure mobile access to government networks.