Matthew Wilson: Male Champion of Change

14 October 2020 | News

On Tuesday 13 October, Matthew Wilson, CEO of Penten, received a Highly Commended award for the Male Champion of Change category in the AWSN (Australian Women in Security Network) Awards.

The award aims to recognise individiuals working to shift entrenched gender inequalities by championing for more equality in the IT security industry. They demonstrate a genuine commitment in time, investment and innovation.

“We have always aimed to build a female friendly workplace and I am very proud of the team for receiving this award, it’s actually not just an individual award, it’s for all of Penten”, Matthew Wilson said.

“National security is unfortunately not normally thought of as an industry friendly to women,” he said.

“Globally women make up less than 20 per cent of the sector and in APAC cyber security sector,  only 10 per cent of the workforce is female.

“Penten currently has a 22 per cent female workforce and the company is steadily working towards its goal of a 50-50 gender split amongst its team.

“Our increasing female workforce is based on Penten’s innovative initiatives, which include unlimited sick, reservist, domestic violence and carer’s leave; 26 weeks paid parental leave and paid super on another 26 weeks unpaid leave; multicultural leave and paid training and study leave.

“Getting towards our 50 per cent goal takes effort, but it’s not hard to be observant and respectful. We at Penten know that together is better,” he said.

Two other Penten staff were named finalists in the AWSN awards: Alison Lee, Director of Logistics in the Unsung Hero category and Shey Dimon, Communication Manager in the Best Champion of Women in Security/Resilience.

Penten was also named a finalist in the Best Place to work for Women in Security category.