Mobility now with
high assurance encryption

With Penten, you can secure your mobile devices and laptops up to high assurance cryptographic standards. Penten helps you field the devices your users want to use, whilst meeting your information security requirements.

Who needs our help?

Built to meet accreditation targets for Military and Government Agencies at the most sensitive levels, Penten’s secure mobility solutions provide ready deployable capability leveraging existing infrastructure investments.

Organisations with significant intellectual property assets or price sensitive information such as Financial or Resource companies that require mobile access to their most sensitive information.

High Assurance application on commercial off the shelf devices

With customer support, Penten and our development partner Amiosec are changing the way we think about using high assurance encryption.

By developing a new framework for implementation, we can maximise the use of commercial off the shelf hardware while still meeting accreditation requirements.

This innovative approach is a significant step change in high-grade applications and has the benefit of:

  • lowering accreditation time and cost
  • lowering acquisition and sustainment costs by requiring minimal or no custom hardware
  • reducing size weight and power through small form factor low power COTS hardware
  • increasing deployment flexibility by utilising a greater range of hardware forms
  • utilising existing gateway infrastructure

We are excited to bring this breakthrough to our customers, let us help you understand how we are changing secure mobility.

Solutions & services

AltoCrypt Stik


AltoCrypt Stik is designed to simplify secure remote access to sensitive networks. The AltoCrypt USB device allows a user’s laptop to use public wireless to remotely connect over the internet to a sensitive networks.

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AltoCrypt PRIME


AltoCrypt PRIME is a high assurance encryption software module built on the PRIME cipher suite and deployable on a range of mobile devices.

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AltoCrypt Phone


AltoCrypt Phone delivers a suite of secure applications to stay connected with Chat, Voice & Video, Email & Calendar on a managed iPhoneĀ®.

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