Penten and Aussie researchers building new AI cyber-traps to boost cyber security

21 January 2019 | News

Fighting cyber attacks by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create stronger ‘cyber traps’ is the focus of two new, groundbreaking Australian research projects, Australia’s Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (Cyber Security CRC) and Australian cyber security firm, Penten, announced today.

Advanced cyber traps are used to identify data breaches as they happen, allowing cyber defenders to move quickly to protect crucial information and systems.

Penten CEO, Matthew Wilson, said today: “The average time taken to detect a data breach is more than 200 days. Using artificial intelligence dramatically cuts this time and gives Australia’s cyber defenders the chance to identify and defend against the breach as it is taking place.”

“Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming one of the most effective tools to trick and trap cyber thieves on large networks. It forms the core of our TrapsDocs solution for document protection. Along with using Artificial Intelligence in the TrapDocs product, Penten was recently awarded $2m by the Australian Army to create decoy radio emissions using AI to confuse adversaries on the battlefield.”

The projects secure the continued improvement of cyber traps to counter emerging and improving techniques of adversaries and data thieves.

CEO Cyber Security CRC, Rachael Falk, said: “The Cyber Security CRC is excited to be the catalyst bringing together two teams of Australia’s cyber security researchers and cyber innovators to work together to create advanced, ground breaking cyber security technology.”

As cyber threats to our national economy and security continue to increase, the development of new defences to counter data breaches are crucial. This new work will be another step forward in increasing Australia’s resilience to cyber attack.

The Cyber Security CRC is a public, not for profit company, is focused on delivering industry-driven cyber security research outcomes that have impact and address real-world cyber security problems. The Cyber Security CRC is funded through industry and government via the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program. @Cyber_Sec_CRC

Penten is an Australian headquartered cyber security company building innovative cyber technologies to help defend Australia’s most sensitive information from the world’s most advanced cyber adversaries. Penten was recognised as Australian Business of the Year at the 2018 Telstra Business Awards. @PentenCyber