Intelligent cyber solutions for detection, deception and simulation


What is Applied AI?

Our Applied AI solutions solve cyber problems with practical applications of machine learning.

Why Applied AI?

Our focus is to deliver fast, practical outcomes for clients.

We achieve this with state-of-the-art machine learning backed by best practice systems engineering, agile project management, industrial design and software development to deliver whole of life-cycle solutions.

We draw on our academic research partners to refine solutions to long term challenges, iteratively developing our solutions while producing immediate and visible results.

Applied AI Cyber Traps

Our first product family from Applied AI creates cyber traps for breach detection. These traps disguise your true disposition, intentions, size and speed.

These products use innovative applications of machine learning that observe your data and systems to create highly realistic mimics and simulations.

We’ve developed the technology into a common, repeatable framework that enhances the realistic imitation of the information technology and data stack, including:

  • documents
  • databases
  • websites
  • network services
  • network traffic
  • WiFi hotspots
  • active hosts
  • patterns of life
  • user activity
  • military radios.

These capabilities counter and deceive sophisticated threats, and build on our considerable experience in design, integration and operations in Cyber Security Operations Centres.

Through automation, we can simplify a complex problem and make it accessible to organisations seeking to trial and test cyber deceptions.

The benefits of Applied AI


Highly realistic content entices cyber adversaries

We use machine learning in a unique way to create highly realistic and enticing fake content based on your network’s patterns.


Simplify and minimise the impact on your team

Our cyber simulations make it easy to manage, update, and retire of simulated content. This minimises the impact on your team and system.


Create uncertainty for attackers

Cyber simulation is a valuable security approach. It makes attackers uncertain about the location of real computers, data, and even radios, while producing a small number of highly reliable indicators of intrusion.


Find a breach sooner

The average time to detect a cyber security breach is 207 days.
With cyber simulation, you will receive an immediate, high fidelity alert.