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Tactical Communications Security

What is Tactical Communications Security?

Tactical Communications Security is enabling a new era of secure communication technologies.

Our team, has adapted Penten’s high-assurance secure mobility solutions to create highly complex, but simple to use secure communications technology for the tactical environment.

Our team, is working with some of Australia’s leading radio manufacturers to create entirely sovereign communication solutions in Australia for Defence and emergency services.

Highly suitable and adaptable to supporting major domestic emergencies or disasters. Tactical Communications Security solutions enables tactical and first responder users to focus on their mission, rather than manage complicated communications systems.

The key benefits of Tactical Communications Security


Cross communication

These tactical communications solutions enable effective, easy and secure communications across Defence and emergency services.


Research led team

Our team of experts use the most advanced electronics and software boosting innovation, productivity and competitiveness.


Simple for the user

Tactical Communications Security delivers highly complex, but simple to use technologies so the user can focus on the mission.


Secure by design

The unique sovereign cryptography leverages and integrates high-tech sovereign Australian technology to enable existing radio technologies.

Tactical Communications Security Products


Helix is an Australian designed and manufactured tactical communications system enabling our defence force and its partners to operate securely.

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