Penten awarded CounterCraft’s world first ‘SE ELITE PRO Certification’

23 August 2023 | News

Excited to share some fantastic news with our network!

Penten is the first company to be awarded ‘SE ELITE PRO Certification’ by our partner CounterCraft​​ , a leading international deception technology vendor.

In combination, CounterCraft’s Deception Director technology and Penten’s AI-powered Content and Behaviour Generator create world-leading Active Cyber Defence (ACD) capability. ACD is all about trapping adversaries in complex cyber terrain, isolating threats and tracking data throughout an organisation’s supply chain.

We thank CounterCraft for their partnership and for this award, which underscores the dedication of our team members and their relentless pursuit of our shared vision, commitment to innovation, hard work, and excellence.

We’re delighted to be exhibiting our Active Cyber Defence capabilities at DSEI in the UK next month. Please reach out if you’d like to arrange a meeting or demonstration in-person at the event or drop us a line via the contact page!