Secure Mobility

AltoCrypt pBox

Key Benefits

The AltoCrypt pBox allows connectivity in any environment.

  • Portable acoustic suppressor
  • Prevents eavesdropping
  • Active and passive measures
  • Supports modern Apple and Android Phones
  • Easy to carry
  • Continue to hear phone notifications
  • Viewing panel to safely check messages
  • Missed call alert icon
  • Recharge phone
  • Made in Australia


About the AltoCrypt pBox

The AltoCrypt pBox is a portable container designed to prevent mobile phones from eavesdropping on sensitive and classified conversations.


Today’s phones are designed to continually listen. We can’t always be sure who has access and control of the camera and microphones.


The AltoCrypt pBox suppresses the phone’s ability to eavesdrop and collect video. With the pBox you can remain in contact. You have access to your phone when and where you need it without compromising your security.


The importance of being contactable by family and friends is invaluable. The AltoCrypt pBox allows that connectivity in any secure environment.

AltoCrypt pBox brochure

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