Access secure data when and where you need it

Secure Mobility

What is Secure Mobility?

The AltoCrypt family of products

Our Secure Mobility solutions provide access to classified and highly sensitive information from mobile devices. Previously, access to this information was via a cabled environment or a heavy briefcase solution.

Our innovative team develops software and hardware solutions that solve our clients’ specific needs. Our solutions empower our government clients with the same flexibility in the workplace as the private sector.

This digital transformation has enabled a major shift in the lives of government workers. Our products provide access to classified information when and where it’s needed.

The benefits of Secure Mobility


A new and flexible way to access sensitive information

Access secure data when and where you need it. Inside or outside the office, without cabling and without heavy briefcase solutions.


Stay in touch wherever you are

In some secure environments, mobile phones are not allowed. With our pBox, you can stay in touch even inside a secure facility and be alerted to phone notifications without compromising security.


Connect with workmates flexibly and securely

With the AltoCrypt Phone, you can ensure your sensitive conversation, chat, email and even video is secure and easy to use.


Easy integration and support

AltoCrypt products integrate with ease to existing enterprise services. They are simple to use and deploy, making realisation cost effective.

Secure Mobility Products


The AltoCrypt Stik is a portable, easy to use secure mobility device. It enables wireless access to classified networks when and where you need it.

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AltoCrypt pBox

The AltoCrypt pBox is a portable noise suppression case. It allows mobile phones access into a secure environment and prevents eavesdropping on sensitive and classified conversations.

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The AltoCrypt Phone is a secure mobile device. It enables organisations to collaborate with peers using voice, video, chat, email and browse across different sensitive networks when and where they need to.

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