For every challenge, there is a unique solution


Applied AI

We create enhanced honeypots with a unique combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

These decoys generate highly enticing user activity, web pages, documents, software code and file systems.

Most importantly, the files alert you to a breach sooner.

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Secure Mobility

Our AltoCrypt solutions protect data.

With secure hardware and software, they give users the confidence to access their most sensitive information and systems wherever they operate.

For our select clients, this means secure access to classified information when and how they need it.

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The AltoCrypt Stik is a portable, easy to use secure mobility device. It enables wireless access to classified networks when and where you need it.

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AltoCrypt pBox

The AltoCrypt pBox is a portable noise suppression case. It allows mobile phones access into a secure environment and prevents eavesdropping on sensitive and classified conversations.

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The AltoCrypt Phone is a secure mobile device. It enables organisations to collaborate with peers using voice, video, chat, email and browse across sensitive networks when and where they need to.

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Tactical Communications Security

Tactical Communications Security is enabling a new era of secure communication technologies.

Our team, has adapted Penten’s high-assurance secure mobility solutions to create highly complex, but simple to use secure communications technology for the tactical environment.

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Helix is an Australian designed and manufactured tactical communications system enabling our defence force and its partners to operate securely.

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