Innovation and
Technical Services

Innovation and
Technical Services

What is Innovation and Technical Services?

Penten’s Innovation & Technical Services (ITS) understands the operational challenges faced by government and places the end user at the centre of the problem-solving process to develop novel technical solutions.

The ITS team are multi-disciplinary with backgrounds in Cryptology, Electronic Warfare, Signals Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber Security, Physical Security, IT, Engineering, Hardware/Software Development and Manufacturing.

In addition to supporting Penten’s core Secure Mobility and Applied AI products and services, the ITS team provide the following key products and services to our government clients:

Rapid Innovation

We can quickly design and deliver bespoke, tailored and fieldable communications, collection, and concealment capabilities to enable actionable intelligence and strategic advantage for our clients. From low-equity technical surveillance capabilities to the customisation of Penten core products to support client use cases.



Research & Development 

We leverage our high security assurance mindset against complex technical problems and develop disruptive solutions in support of national security challenges. We foster research partnerships with academic institutions, industry partners, subject matter experts and government to develop technology opportunities based on emerging trends and threats across a broad spectrum of research fields.



Supply Chain Assurance

We provide credible supply chain and sovereign assurance to clients through a high assurance mindset and advanced reverse engineering capabilities. We provide pathways to repurpose commercial off the shelf capabilities for time-sensitive operational requirements.



Capability Horizon Scanning

We identify, and assess emerging and speculative technologies, open-source intelligence, and capabilities of significance for our clients. We provide comprehensive and impartial technical evaluations and whitepapers to inform client decision making and to expediate capability onboarding.



Tactical Communications Security

We work with some of Australia’s leading radio manufacturers to create entirely sovereign communication solutions in Australia for Defence and emergency services. Highly suitable and adaptable to supporting major domestic emergencies or disasters. This enables tactical and first responder users to focus on their mission, rather than manage complicated communications systems.


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