Secure Mobility


Key Benefits

High grade encryption and communications technology in a single, small USB device

  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Respond faster
  • Staff have more flexibility without risking data security
  • Easy integration and support
  • Integrates with commercial hardware
  • Cost effective

AltoCrypt Stik

About the AltoCrypt Stik

The AltoCrypt Stik is a portable, easy to use secure mobility solution. It enables access to classified networks both inside and outside the office.


Government workers have traditionally been limited while accessing secure data – either only via cabled environment or a heavy briefcase solution. Flexible and mobile working is difficult for some staff who need to remain connected to secure information.


The AltoCrypt Stik simplifies access to classified networks by integrating crypto, router(s) and security appliances into one small USB sized device. This eliminates the need for multiple devices, cables and external power packs.


The AltoCrypt Stik is smaller and less expensive than traditional solutions.

AltoCrypt Stik brochure

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