Secure Mobility


Key Benefits

The AltoCrypt Phone increases the level of flexibility government workers have previously been limited to.

  • Secure applications on an iPhone®
  • Compatible with AltoCrypt PRIME dual-layer encryption
  • Separated and discrete security enforcement functions
  • Layered assurance supported by multi-factor authentificiation


About the AltoCrypt Phone

The AltoCrypt Phone delivers secure mobility to government users.

Our unique design enables organisations to use a secure mobile device to collaborate with peers using voice, video, chat, email and browse across different sensitive networks when and where they need to.


Government workers have traditionally been limited while accessing secure data – either only via cabled environment or a heavy briefcase solution. Flexible and mobile working is difficult for some staff who need to remain connected to secure information.


The AltoCrypt Phone delivers a hardened iPhone® with advanced features and functionality to provide classified information to mobile users.


The AltoCrypt Phone is built on commercial, off-the-shelf consumer hardware. It uses an assured supply chain and is supported by a sovereign secure repair capability.

The device is familiar and easy to use, providing simple access to sensitive networks.

AltoCrypt Phone brochure

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