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About us

About us

Penten is an Australian-based cyber technology company focused on innovation in Secure Mobility, Applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Innovation and Technical Services (ITS)

Founded in 2014, Penten is a multi-award winning cyber security company.

Our mission is to deliver new defence and security technologies for the future fight. We work with exclusive clients to solve the hardest cyber challenges of tomorrow, and support complex transformations in the digital age.

We have a rapidly growing team, led by a passionate executive team with extensive expertise in cyber security, ICT, engineering, communications and Defence.

Ground breaking cyber technology solutions

Penten’s AltoCrypt family of secure mobility solutions enable mobile secure access to classified information for government. This access provides government workers with the accessibility and flexibility of a modern workplace.

Penten’s Applied AI business unit employs machine learning to create realistic decoys to detect and track sophisticated cyber adversaries.

In 2023, Penten launched a new business unit: Innovation and Technical Services (ITS). ITS understands the operational challenges faced by government and places the end user at the centre of the problem-solving process to develop novel technical solutions.

The ITS team are multi-disciplinary with backgrounds in Cryptology, Electronic Warfare, Signals Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber Security, Physical Security, IT, Engineering, Hardware/Software Development and Manufacturing.


Our Timeline

  • 2014

    • Penten was founded
    • UK partnership begun with Amiosec Ltd to create the next generation of secure mobility
    • First contract delivery to Australian Government
    • 3 employees at year end
  • 2015

    • Begun development on the Altocrypt family of high assurance products
    • 5 employees at year end
  • 2016

    • Created first prototypes of AltoCrypt Stik
    • 18 employees at year end
  • 2017

    • Implemented cross domain solution for video, audio and telemetry
    • Developed pBox anti-eavesdropping solution
    • Launched the AltoCrypt Stik, secure mobile solution for government workers
    • 28 employees at year end
  • 2018

    • Launched Trapdocs, honeyfile document generator
    • Awarded Infrastructure and Platforms Innovation of the Year, iAward
    • Awarded ACT Business of the Year, Telstra Business Awards
    • Awarded Business of the Year, Telstra Business Awards
    • 50 employees at year end
  • 2019

    • Ben Whitham, Director and Founder of Penten, awarded Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year, Veteran's Employment Awards
    • Awarded Most Innovative Company and Best Innovation Program, Government category, Australian Financial Review and Boss awards
    • Sponsored OKRDY Cyber Mentorship Program
    • Sponsored AFP Missing Person's Hackathon
    • Signed Veteran Employment Commitment
    • Matthew Wilson, CEO of Penten, awarded EY Entrepreneur of the Year award and the ACT Chief Minister’s Pearcey Entrepreneur award
    • Awarded Cyber Business of the Year at the Australian Defence Industry Awards
    • Launched TrapAir, WiFi Honeytrap
    • Launched the AltoCrypt Phone, a secure iPhone
    • 75 employees at year end
  • 2020

    • Ranked 19 on ADM's ANZ Top 20 SME list
    • Matthew Wilson, CEO of Penten, awarded Highly Commended in Male Champion of Change category in the AWSN (Australian Women in Security Network) awards
    • Launched Tactical Communications Security business unit
    • Relocated to a new, larger premises in Canberra
    • Awarded Cyber Business of the Year, Australian Defence Industry Awards
    • 100 employees
  • 2021

    • Merik Karman, Chief Technology Officer, Awarded Executive of the Year, Australian Defence Industry Awards
    • Awarded Cyber Business of the Year, Australian Defence Industry Awards
    • Awarded Australian Emerging Exporter of the Year
    • Awarded ACT Emerging Exporter of the Year
    • Five V Capital becomes minority partner
    • ACT Exporter of Government Solutions of the Year
    • 150+ employees