Penten recognised on National Australia Bank’s Innovation Index

22 January 2020 | News

Penten has been recognised on the National Australia Bank’s Innovation Index 2019 as exhibiting some of the best innovation behaviours in Australia. The innovation index measures how businesses did things differently, more quickly or more cost effectively.

Sarah Bailey, CFO, Penten said, “Innovation is in our heartbeat, not something we do on the side. We find customer problems that are unsolved and we do cutting edge work to solve them.”

Penten focuses on innovation by investing heavily in research and development and placing strategic importance on its people.

“At the heart of Penten is its people and a culture of deep internal trust, a family-like atmosphere and a strong united mission. By prioritising people, it not only creates an atmosphere of innovation, but drives customer satisfaction and business performance.” Bailey said.

Penten was recently recognised as Most Innovative Company in the AFR and Boss Awards and also received an award for Best Innovation Platform.

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