Penten to deliver next gen secure wireless to the Australian Army

19 February 2018 | News

Canberra cyber security firm wins $1.3 million innovation contract to deliver AltoCrypt Stik.

Canberra based cyber security company, Penten is changing the way governments access and store classified information, enabling mobility and facilitating the move away from paper to electronic distribution and storage.

Access to classified information is currently limited to hard wired computer systems or paper-based distribution. Penten’s AltoCrypt Stik allows highly secure access to classified information over WiFi, improving the speed and currency of information, reducing the cost of cabling whilst elevating the protection against modern cyber threats.

Penten CEO, Matthew Wilson said “With this project the Australian Army and Penten are leading the world in using information mobility to gain decision making advantage on the battlefield.”

Penten has grown from 4 to 40 people in 3 years and are now exporting secure mobility capabilities to the United Kingdom and Canada. Partnerships and collaboration are key to this rapid growth, the AltoCrypt Stik is the result of collaborative development with UK cyber partner Amiosec with the support of both the UK and the Australian Governments.

Matthew Wilson said “Collaboration with thought leading organisations like Defence are key to Penten’s innovation success. Our products are better and our opportunities greater when we can work closely to identify and meet the needs of users.”

Penten has been one of the firms that has seen real benefit from the Australian Government’s focus on promoting Australian defence industry and growing the cyber industry through AustCyber. “Programs like the Defence Innovation Hub help a small business like Penten accelerate our technology application to the battlefield and brings forward the capability advantage to the Australian Army” said Mr. Wilson.