Penten’s Jordan Johnson wins commended award at the AIDN ACT Young Achiever event

09 December 2020 | People

Penten would like to congratulate Jordan Johnson for receiving a commended certification in the Young Achiever Awards at the ACT AIDN (Australian Industry Defence Network) event last night.

Jordan received the award for his dedication and contribution to Penten’s Secure Mobility unit, specifically as Lead Software Engineer for the AltoCrypt Phone.

The AltoCrypt Phone is one of Penten’s most important products and is used by several Australian Government departments and Defence. It was especially beneficial during COVID-19 as it allowed government workers to flexibly access sensitive information.

Alison Creagh AM CSC was one of the judges and presented the awards to the recipients.  She said it was a privilege to read and learn about the endeavours of the young defence industry members and congratulated them for their significant contributions.

Matthew Wilson, CEO, Penten congratulated Johnson’s leadership and dedication during his time at Penten.

“Jordan’s work on the AltoCrypt Phone is inspiring and innovative. His maturity and leadership is genuinely amazing, especially considering he’s not even 30,” Wilson said.

“At Penten, we value diversity and this includes the different perspectives and drive we get from our young employees.

“Defence and national security are great industries for Australia’s young graduates; they offer secure and rewarding work for a variety of professions.

“I would like to thank AIDN for recognising the importance of young achievers in our industry,” Wilson said.

Johnson thanked Penten and his mentors for helping him grow into such an important role.

“I appreciate everything I have learned from my mentors at Penten and elsewhere. I take great pride in being able to work towards the safety and security of our nation, it’s truly an honour,” said Johnson.

Jordan Johnson has been with Penten for the last three years and holds degrees in engineering (honours) and computer science from the University of Newcastle. He is also is enlisted in the Army Reserves.

Joshua Pearson from Noetic received a highly commended award and Grace Johnson from Palantir was named the overall winner and the Young Achiever of the Year for ACT for 2020. Congratulations to all the nominees and recipients of awards.