Sarah Bailey, Penten CFO appointed to Board

10 February 2020 | News

Sarah Bailey, has accepted a position on Penten’s board of directors. This significant step, marks the rapid growth of the company.

Since Penten’s inception in 2014, the company has doubled in staff and revenue every year, with 2020 projected to yield similar results. Sarah Bailey’s newest role as a company director, demonstrates the maturing of the company from a start-up to medium sized business in less than five years.

Matthew Wilson, CEO, Penten said, “Never before have we appointed someone who is not originally one of the founders of the company to the Board. We know that good business strategy comes from diverse thinking.

“Sarah brings her experienced and varied outlook to our board. She has proven to be an extremely effective CFO and she has played a pivotal role in Penten’s recent success. Only good things can come from this appointment.”

Bailey is an accomplished finance and business executive with more than 20 years’ experience in finance, strategy and governance. With qualifications in commerce, psychology and business leadership, she has exemplary skills across a broad, cross-section of areas.

Bailey has championed innovative people initiatives at Penten, including policies such as 26 weeks paid paternal leave, unlimited sick and carer’s leave, unlimited reservist leave and a 50/50 gender target.

Sarah Bailey, CFO, Penten said, “Diversity comes in many forms and one of the things we need to grapple with in the competitive cyber industry is attracting the best and brightest. We know we need to think as creatively as we can to attract the best. Penten is creating a workforce where especially women feel as though they can excel.”