Applied AI


Key Benefits

Generate realistic traffic and behaviour to intercept data thieves.

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple alerts
  • Mimics your network activity
  • Know when WiFi snoopers are nearby
  • Locate the origin of malicious activity
  • Fight back by wasting intruders’ time
  • Made in Australia



TrapAir uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create realistic, active hotspots that mimic your network.

Any interaction with TrapAir alerts you that someone is trying to disrupt or connect to networks without permission.


WiFi provides critical connectivity for our systems and users. The problem with WiFi is security – it relies on mostly insecure protocols and standards, which make it an easy target for interception.


Each TrapAir creates an active, decoy WiFi hotspot. As legitimate users should not connect to random, untrusted networks, this means connections to TrapAir are rare and suspicious. This provides a high-fidelity warning that someone is attempting to connect to hotspots.


As a single device, TrapAir can detect connection attempts, plus nuisance activity that seeks to stop legitimate users from connecting.

TrapAir brochure