Applied AI


Key Benefits

Generate realistic documents and content to expose data thieves.

  • Easy to setup
  • Track and learn about intruders
  • Simple alerts
  • Perfect for monitoring cloud data
  • Suitable for small business and enterprise
  • Works with other cyber products
  • Made in Australia


About TrapDocs

TrapDocs is an inventive method for individuals and businesses to detect and track unauthorised access to their documents and files.


Much of our important and sensitive information is created and stored in documents and files: IP, business plans, contracts, invoices, photos and videos. These are potentially valuable to data thieves.


We use modern machine learning techniques to create fake files. You can place these fake documents among your sensitive data and watch to see if they are accessed.


As the fake files do not contain useful information, no one should interact with them. This provides a very rare, but high-fidelity tripwire alert. You can also embed beacons into the documents to track where they go.

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