Tactical Communications Security


Key Benefits

Genuine Australian secure tactical communications system.

  • Human friendly, intuitive technology
  • High assurance and secure
  • Interoperable with broader partners
  • Advanced, affordable and adaptable
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia


About Helix

Helix is an Australian designed and manufactured tactical communications system enabling our defence force and its partners to operate securely.


Communications systems can be costly, bulky and require complex training. They can also lack interoperability for missions with a broader range of partners.


Helix enables easy, effective and secure transmissions across defence and emergency services. This sovereign system provides high assurance (HA) encryption built upon Penten’s existing and proven secure communications products.


Helix provides reductions in size, cost and weight, with options for interoperability between a broad range of partners.

Helix brochure

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